How Full-Funnel Advertising helped iloveplum grow revenue by 271%

Creating a clothing line that young girls can be proud of came naturally to the team at iloveplum.  But when it came time to show off the brand to the hottest audiences over social media, they knew they required a level of expertise that went beyond their own calling. That's when they turned to Shoelace to help take their brand to the next level.

"Most agencies just want you to spend money, but my Shoelace Expert Shane is always honest and forthcoming - making every dollar we've allocated to our budget go farther than we thought possible."
-Alexia Panza
Founder, iloveplum
"From Prospecting to Retargeting, Shoelace ensured that every touch point along the customer journey was a value drop"

When Alexia started iloveplum, she could never imagine how quickly her brand would capture the attention of young families across North America.

Just two years after setting up shop, the brand's stride had changed to a brisk walk, with young girls everywhere sporting colorful tutus (and big smiles). It was clear that the brand had tapped into something that resonated with her audience - fun, dazzling clothing that was exciting to wear every morning.

A lot of this success came from Alexia's natural understanding of her audience and their aspirations. While other children's clothing brands focused on creating styles that would appeal to parents, Alexia saw a need for a brand that stood for what the children themselves would be proud to wear.

With the creative direction in place, Alexia knew it was time to get her brand in front of a broader audience. That's when she found Shoelace.

Alexia loved the idea of full-funnel advertising that not only put iloveplum in front of the right audiences, but also leveraged her fun, silly creatives to engage the audience with her powerful brand story.

For Alexia, Shoelace quickly became a natural fit for her business. Shoelace's technical expertise allowed her to focus on developing the creative end of her business. And Shoelace Expert Shane helped her find new areas for growing her business. "We always have really thorough reports at the end of each month, and Shane's pretty much always providing us with ideas for how we can grow our business," said Alexia. "This side of the business is not my specialty so he's incredibly patient and very thorough with explaining things".

"Shoelace is always finding new ways for me to grow my business and expand my audience. They have dramatically changed our e-commerce store in terms of revenue."

Alexia also fell in love with the Foursixty and Klaviyo integrations offered through the Shoelace platform. With such a strong brand voice and host of creatives, iloveplum values social content and email marketing to connect with its large community of fans. Having the ability to incorporate these marketing initiatives with paid advertising allows the brand to tell a more robust and consistent story along the entire Customer Journey.

Shoelace helps iloveplum successfully grow their audience with prospecting during a crisis

Having developed such a close relationship with her Shoelace Expert Shane, Alexia is always eager to try out new services offered by Shoelace as they are announced. It was no different when the company reached out with an offer to manage her social prospecting in Q4 2019.

Prospecting was an fast success for iloveplum, allowing them to immediately tap into new markets of passionate parents and their stylish children.

In addition to opening the door to new revenues, Prospecting also helped provide Alexia with powerful tools to guide iloveplum's decision making process. One of such was an insight provided by Shane, who noticed that Story-based ads tended to perform stronger than other conventional ad styles. Armed with this knowledge, Alexia was able to direct her creative team to focus on creating content that worked well in this format - with stellar results.

As markets began to flare in mid-March, iloveplum leveraged Shoelace prospecting to launch a Customer Appreciation event. The results were astounding; with over 7x ROAS and tens of thousands in new revenue from prospecting alone.

With such a strong track record of success, Alexia looks forward to seeing what the future of her partnership with Shoelace will look like. One thing is for certain. As the brand continues to grow, so will the smiles on the faces of its audience - one tutu at a time.

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