Automations Ad Templates Explained

Annie Li
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Welcome to the world of Shoelace Automations! 👋

Automations gives you the power to take your Shoelace retargeting experience to another level. From creating dedicated ad triggers to choosing your ad type, Automations is your opportunity to call the shots.

This article will go over the 3 ad template categories that are available to you.
You’ll get to choose from templates that are Dynamic, Static, or Updated Daily. What do these categories mean? You can find out this and more below:


Dynamic ad templates are creatives that display products that are unique to each viewer. Essentially these ad types are personalized to each shopper. The ad types under this category include:

  • Dynamic Product Ad
  • Product Review Ad (via integration with Okendo, Yotpo,, etc.)


Static ad templates are creatives which displays an image that doesn’t change. These ad types aren’t personal to each shopper, but the right image(s) can help tell your brand story and attract potential customers to come back to your site! The static ad types under this category include:

  • Carousel Ad (Manual)
  • Single Image Ad
  • Lead Generation Ad
  • Messenger Chat Ad
  • Single Product Carousel Ad
  • Collection Ad

Updated Daily:

Daily updated ad templates are the best of both static and dynamic creatives! This ad type utilizes either a specific product or is based on your daily best sellers. What makes this ad category unique is that the creatives will update on a regular basis. The ad types include:

  • New Arrivals Collection Ad
  • Best Selling Ad (top selling item of the day)
  • Best Sellers Ad (top 5 daily best sellers)

Now that you have an idea of which type of ads are available to you, feel free to experiment with them to see which ones work for you and your brand!  😃