Understand why the Facebook Page you'd like to connect to isn't listed in Shoelace settings.

Annie Li
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You've just signed up but don't see the Facebook page for your business listed. No problem! We've got you covered. 😃

Simply check the following:

1 . Ensure that you're logged into the right Facebook account.

  • Perhaps you're logged into the wrong Facebook account and your Facebook Page is associated with a different account.
  • Go to Facebook, log out of your current account, and log back into the account that is an administrator of the Facebook Page that you're trying to connect to.

2 . Ensure that you're an administrator of the Facebook page.

  • Perhaps you're not an administrator of the Facebook page. You must be an administrator of the Page to continue.
  • Go to your Facebook Page and confirm that you are an admin on the page otherwise request to be made an admin by the person who owns the page.

3 . Ensure that the Facebook Page has not been claimed by a Facebook Business Manager you are not an admin for.

  • If your Facebook Page is already claimed then you will need to ask the Page owner to give you admin access to the Business Manager account that claimed it;
  • If your Facebook Page has not be claimed you will need to claim it with your Business Manager account. You can do this by following the steps outlined here under "Pages" > "Add or request access to a Page";
  • If you have no way of gaining access to the Page then you will have to create a new one.

4 . Ensure that your Facebook Page contains all basic information.

  • At a minimum, please ensure that you've uploaded a Profile Picture for your Page.

If you've checked these four items and you've refreshed the page, you should see the Facebook page you want listed.

Still having issues? Feel free to reach out to one of our support rockstars and they can get you sorted! 😎