Describes the steps you can take when you notice Facebook has disapproved one of your ads.

Sanja Smrzlic
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We’re really sorry for the inconvenience! Facebook reviews ads using a bot, and this can result in a lot of unwarranted disapprovals.

If your whole account was flagged due to suspicious activity, please fill out the form provided by Facebook.  This is the most effective way to get your ads running again as Facebook support requires specific details (such as credit card information) to resume ads.

If your ad was incorrectly flagged due to Policy Violations - please get in touch and we can appeal on your behalf or get further insight into the flagging.

If your ad was correctly flagged due to Policy Violations, we recommend removing those items from your store and contacting Shoelace for us to appeal the ads.  Please note that as we are running ads on Facebook's platform we are bound by their policies.