Here you will learn the steps you can take to have Shoelace exclude certain products from appearing in an ad

Sanja Smrzlic
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Some of Shoelace's ads use a product feed for ad content.  There are several reasons you may not want certain products appearing in an ad, including:

  • The products are against Facebook's advertising policies (e.g. vape devices or knives)
  • They are promotional products that appear in the feed (e.g. free shipping codes).
  • Seller's agreements

To have Shoelace exclude a product (or several products) from appearing in your ad, you will need to tag the product "shoelace-exclude" on Shopify.

Follow these steps:

1) In your Shopify admin, click Products

2) Select the product(s) you want to tag

3) Next, click Actions -> Add tags

4) In the tags field that pops up, enter "shoelace-exclude". Use a comma to separate any existing tags, e.g. "shoelace-exclude, new arrival, offers". Click Apply changes

Once you have tagged the relevant products in Shopify please give our system 48 hours to allow the changes go through. Keep in mind, you can then tag (and untag) any products as necessary, in the same way.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to support and a member from our team will be happy to help you out.