Integrate Shoelace and Okendo to enable Dynamic Review Ads

Annie Li
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Here are the steps to integrate with Okendo:

  1. Ensure both Okendo and Shoelace are installed. You can install the Okendo app from the Shopify app store here.
  2. Navigate to the apps page inside the Shoelace app.
  3. Find the Okendo Integration under Social Proof:

4. Click Install on the Okendo card. You'll notice that to integrate with Okendo, you'll need to fill in your User ID. The next step will show you where to find these credentials inside Okendo.

5. To find your User ID head to the Okendo admin -> General Settings -> Integrations and copy and paste the User ID from the Shoelace card into the Shoelace app.

6. Toggle on Enable Shoelace feed in the Shoelace card in Okendo to populate the feed.  Please also remember to SAVE this change (toggling alone will not work).

Configuring Okendo Dynamic Review Ads inside Shoelace

From here, you are eligible to receive a Dynamic Review Ad as part of your Shoelace Journey. If you already have a Journey running, you will receive a notification from Shoelace proposing to add the Dynamic Review Ad into your Journey. If you don't have a Journey campaign running yet, you can expect to see a Dynamic Review Ad as part of your first Journey proposal. Please note, It will take our system up to 24 hours to sync your review information.

📝   Pro Tip:

We automatically pull your most recent 5 star reviews into a Dynamic Review Ad so make sure you stay on top of those specific reviews on Okendo!