Use Automations to create a series of campaigns that are triggered by a specific date or event.

Annie Li
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Most marketers have a wish list of retargeting campaigns that they know they should be running on occasions like:

  • When a new collection launches
  • When there's a limited time sale
  • When new content has been created

However, it's often a struggle to run them regularly, because it can be very time intensive and cumbersome to build these campaigns from scratch.

Shoelace is launching a new feature - Automations - that helps merchants create intelligent and timely retargeting campaigns. Using the "Trigger, Condition, Action" paradigm, you can set up retargeting campaigns to be automatically sent to you for approval when certain conditions are met.

You'll have the chance to select from a large collection of retargeting audiences that we've created for you - from Facebook custom and engagement audiences, to those automatically created from your integrated mailing lists and segments.

You'll also have the opportunity to pick relevant campaign templates from Shoelace's asset library - whether it's a Best Selling Collection, New Arrivals Ad or a Dynamic Product Ad.

All of this will help you show the right audience, the right ads, at the right time to ultimately drive higher revenues and LTVs.

Create an Automated Campaign

Login to your Shoelace account at or through Shopify and navigate to the Automations tab on the left-hand side. You'll land on a screen that will prompt you to create a new Campaign.

Here you'll find a collection of different Automated campaigns that you can configure (and we're only building more 😉).

To launch the Automated Campaign builder, press "Try This" on your desired campaign. Follow the steps below to create a campaign to Nurture Your Past Purchasers.

1. Name the Automated Campaign

We suggest something custom so you can set your campaigns apart when you have many.

2. Select a trigger.

3. Set your conditions.

When the delivery of your campaign is recurring, you can schedule the rate at which you wish to have campaigns created:

When the delivery of your campaign is just once, select a start date:

4. Build your action.

For each Automated Campaign, we'll automatically set a recommended Retargeting Audience, Ad Template, Daily Budget and Ad Duration for optimal performance.

The Daily Budget is based on the audience size we are retargeting, if you edit this audience, the budget will no longer be dynamic. By default, we have selected a 7-day campaign duration.

After analyzing the Google Analytics Time to Purchase report for our merchants, we found that most purchases happen within the first 1 to 7 days of being exposed to a campaign. If you are running a flash sale or something time specific, feel free to edit the duration.

5. Edit the ad copy and creative.

6. Save your Campaign!

For all recurring campaigns, we'll continue to send you proposals via email before launching the campaign to Facebook and Instagram so you can have one last look and make sure it is perfect 💯.

Note that you can edit, pause, duplicate or delete a campaign at any time.

How are Automated Campaigns different than Journeys?

If you are running a Journey with Shoelace, we are likely retargeting visitors that were recently active on your website. Automations was developed to reengage with shoppers who interacted with your brand awhile back.

Unlike recent visitors, these "stale" shoppers do not need constant attention but need to be acknowledged. They are also more likely to convert than your typical prospecting audiences. Sustaining a relationship with your visitors and customers is the most surefire way to grow your brand over time.

Think of Journeys as your "Always on" campaigns targeting most recent visitor who enter and exit the flows.

Think of Automations as a way to create a collection of "One-off" blitz campaigns targeting larger lapsed audiences that run for a specific duration.

Why should I use Automations?

  • We want to help you create a multi-channel retargeting experience. Most merchants know this is important but don't have the proper tools to make this happen. With our all-new Klaviyo integration, you can set up an Automated Campaign that tells Shoelace when you have launched a new email campaign. We will automatically create a matching Facebook and Instagram campaign retargeting the recipients of your email and send you a proposal to approve and set live! In addition, we also import all of your Klaviyo lists and segments into Automations so that you can easily create your own campaigns retargeting Klaviyo email subscribers.
  • We want to make sure you are getting the most out of your retargeting. Automations will help you reach all of your website visitors to unlock additional revenue streams. If you not running a Journey with Shoelace we suggest setting up multiple Automated Campaigns to retarget recent visitors (past 1-7 - 14 days) and colder visitors (past 180 days). If you are running a Journey with Shoelace we suggest only targeting colder audiences because your Journey is taking care of the rest! If any segment in your Journey is locked because your audience size is too small - Automations is a great place to start engaging with that audience.
  • Facebook Ads Manager is confusing and it can be cumbersome to create multiple campaigns. With Automations, you can create multiple campaigns leveraging our smart custom audiences, with just one click. Check it out: