How to Set up Automated Campaigns

Annie Li
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Connect your favourite apps to leverage unique content with our Automations plan!

Automations is not used for ongoing retargeting (aka a Journey) but rather one-off, short term ads triggered by events or conditions.  Automations can help you synchronize your marketing, reach new audiences, and boost revenue.  Automations can be used on its own or to compliment your Journey (a win-win!).

Getting started with Automations is easy.  Below I'll walk you through everything you need to get up and running 🎉.


When you install Shoelace we create a dynamic product catalog and a few advanced custom audiences in your Facebook ad account - these will be used when making your ads and campaigns. To do all of this, we need some time to sync your data from Shopify and Facebook. You will likely see this screen:

But no worries! Our system is working hard in the background to collect this information so you can start launching ads!


Once your data is synced (typically one or two days), we'll send you the green-light to return to the app.  You'll now see this screen encouraging you to connect your apps:


It's time to explore our Apps 😄! We have a variety of integrations with Social Proof, Email Marketing, and Customer Retention Apps 🔥 .


When you install an app, we'll automatically create an active default campaign.   A campaign is the template that houses and controls the triggers for your ads to be created.  This does not mean anything goes live to Facebook yet. This means that this campaign will generate ads (for your approval) depending on the trigger that belongs to your Automated campaign. You'll be able to preview this campaign (and any others) on the "My Campaigns" tab.

Here's how to check out or change the default settings for each:

Our campaign template has been broken down into three parts; Trigger, Condition, and Action. In simpler terms, when something happens and the condition is true, create an ad!:

Your preview may look a little different than the one in the example, as each integration has its own unique triggers, conditions and actions to choose from 🌟.

On the right side, you will see a preview of the ad your campaign is set to create. Please click "View & Edit" to change the ad.  This new ad will be created during the next scheduled creation (found in the Conditions section).



Similar to Facebook, your campaign will generate ads. We'll send you reminders via email when a new ad is ready for your approval. You can preview your ads here:  

You can approve (to set the ad live) or reject or edit!

When you receive your ad, you can adjust the creative, budget, and duration prior to approval by selecting "View & Edit":

If you don't want to approve your ads every time they are generated from Shoelace, you can turn on "AUTO-APPROVE" in the campaign template here:

⚠️ When auto-approve is on, we won't ask you to approve ads before they go live to Facebook ⚠️

Please only turn on if you do not wish to review ads before they go live on Facebook.


When your ad has ended, you can preview the results here:

for lifetime:

And underneath for a specific ad:

All of our ads will create inside of your Facebook Ad Account so you can also preview the performance results in there.


Going on holiday and want to pause some templates?  Simply turn them off!  Until they are turned on again, no ads will be generated.

That's all! You have successfully created an Automated campaign! From now on, look out for our emails with new ad proposals. 👀

Unlike our Journeys plan, there is no minimum audience threshold to run Automated campaigns with Shoelace but we have found most campaigns perform best when you have at least 6k monthly tracked page-view visitors. Not sure where to find this number? Check out this help article here.

If you have questions or concerns about connecting a specific app, reach out to and we'd be happy to help you out.