Why your ad might be paused, active, or locked

Annie Li
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Status Locked:

When a stage is locked it means your audience in that specific stage has yet to reach a certain threshold outlined by Shoelace. We believe your audience is not only too small to run campaigns but too small to achieve strong performance metrics. If you believe you are seeing this status in error, please reach out to us 😊

Status Unpublished:

When your stages and campaigns within them are unpublished they have not yet been created on Facebook and await your approval! Once your campaign has been launched in app it may take up to 24hrs to activate on Facebook.

Status Implemented:

When your Journey and the stages and campaigns within it is status implemented it is active on Facebook, congrats! 🎉

Status Paused:

When your Journey or stages and campaigns within it are paused they are not running on Facebook. On Facebook your campaigns will appear inactive.