How to drive traffic to your store and build re-targetable audiences.

Sanja Smrzlic
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How to drive traffic to your store?

We frequently get asked for tips on how to drive traffic to your store. Although we focus on the retargeting side of things to bring people back to your store, here are a few things we have learned from our customers on how to bring in that initial traffic.

  1. Facebook Audience Insights: Running acquisition ads on Facebook could be exhausting and fruitless. Oftentimes, the secret to success in Facebook advertising is audience segmentation. Facebook’s Audience Insights allows you to laser-segment your audience with a ton of data about their demographics, interests, behaviours, and more! You’ll be able to reach people who are highly interested in what you advertise, and this means that you will get more traffic more cost-effectively.
  2. Facebook Ads using Lookalike Audiences: If you already have a list of emails of people interested in your store, upload this email list to Facebook and build a look-like audience. Start small at first to find who engages the most. Once you've found a niche, you can do some A/B testing. Try to run two campaigns targeting the same audience with a different text or a different creative and see which ones work best. This will give you insight on what people like about your store. Here is an article about A/B Testing Best Practices:
  3. Niche Marketing: Create different ads targeting niche audiences. You do not need to spend much but the goal is to determine which audience engages with your business the most. Once you found an audience engaging with your ads, build your Ads around that, and expand the audience size and budget. Here is an article on how to target niche audiences on Facebook:
  4. Influencer/Blog Marketing: Reach out to influencers/blogs popular with your target audience. For example, if you sell baby clothes, reach out to parenting/mommy bloggers. Getting one of your products or brand featured in their blogs or social media feed can drive a lot of traffic to your store. Leaving relevant comments on their articles/social media posts can also drive traffic back to your store, but be sure to make the comments relevant and interesting. Otherwise, they will only serve to tarnish your brand.  
  5. Leveraging your social media network. Find ways to engage your followers and fans in your social media networks to visit your website. Some ways to do this is through contests, new product alerts, or highlighting positive reviews.  You can also create an ad that targets your "friends of fans" audience, check out our step by step guide here:

Hope this helps! :) We look forward to retargeting the traffic you drive to your store.  

Tips to drive traffic to your store!