Before you uninstall...

Jara Solis
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Is Shoelace just not working out for you? Don't give up just yet!

If you aren't seeing the ROI that you'd like, we may be able to help with that. Ask us about switching to a hot audience.

You never got a proposal? If you see that you reached 1000 tracked visitors but haven't received a proposal, reach out. We'll create one for you on the spot! And are sorry that it didn't happen sooner!

Technical issues? We've got you. Not all our bugs are widespread but if it's happening to you, we work hard to get it solved ASAP so just ask :)

Basically, what I'm saying is we REALLY want you to stay with us so reach out with any questions about your ad account before you decide to leave us.

But if it's a "It's not you, it's me" situation, we understand. In that case, we'll just cry softly as you go to the apps page and hit the trash icon.

Upon deleting, your product catalog will stop updating and your ads will be stopped.

And we always like feedback so if you have any suggestion(s) you think will make our app better, feel free to reach out!