Description of nudges

Jara Solis
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Nudge Campaigns are just as they sound. They are intended to act as a small nudge to remind visitors who haven't engaged with you in while to do so :) Your nudge campaign will typically target a colder audience who maybe haven't been on your store for over 30 days or maybe have made a purchase from you.

A few other examples of the type of Nudge campaigns you can expect from us:

  • Past Purchasers Nudge Campaign - Targeting past buyers to drive up repeat sales.
  • Top 25% Visitors Nudge Campaign - Targeting the top 25% of all your past visitors based on their behaviour.
  • Valentine’s Day Sale Nudge Campaign - Special occasions are the best times to nudge!

And just like flash sales, if you don't approve a nudge within 5 days, they will disappear.