Why Can't I Launch My MailChimp Campaign?

Sanja Smrzlic
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You've just integrated MailChimp with Shoelace, hurray 🎊! But are you having trouble launching your MailChimp campaigns?

Here are a few reasons why you can't launch your MailChimp campaign:

  1. It no longer exists - MailChimp proposals are created when you send out a MailChimp email campaign and are available for 5 days after that.   We remove old Mailchimp ads to clear up room for new ads and because we find after a few days the majority of mailchimp newsletters (especially those promoting sales) are no longer valid!

    If you signed into the app and see a proposal it may have been sent to you more than 5 days ago. If you know you'd like to run a MailChimp retargeting campaign for a particular email campaign, check the app soon after you've sent a MailChimp email to your subscribers. You will also receive a proposal through Email.
  2. Your email didn't include an image- We're unable to create MailChimp proposals if your MailChimp email has no images included, be sure to add one!
  3. You don't have enough subscribers on your list- MailChimp proposals are created and sent to you when you send off a MailChimp email campaign to at least 500 subscribers.
  4. You sent an email with Mailchimp's "Time Warp" feature.  Unfortunately this useful feature means our system can't pick up the content :(.
  5. You need to accept Facebook's Custom Audience Terms - Facebook now requires users to accept their new Custom Audiences Terms every 90 days for the MailChimp integration to work. For privacy and data protection reasons we cannot accept these Custom Audiences Terms on a customer's behalf. If you are using the MailChimp integration we will send you a reminder to accept Facebook's Custom Audience Terms every 90 days.

If you're still having trouble launching a MailChimp campaign please reach out to Shoelace's all star support team and we'll be happy to help you out!