How Shoelace Prospecting helped Plants in a Box quadruple revenues

True to the nature of their products, Plants in a Box seemingly sprouted from the ground up. Beginning with only ten varieties, in a few short years the brand had expanded to offer over 800 different plants to aspiring and expert gardeners across Australia. With business in full bloom, Plants in a Box was ready to expand their community and introduce themselves to a broader audience. That's when they came across Shoelace Prospecting.

"Shoelace came right when I felt we were the little fish in the sea, and it was time for people to find us. Getting started felt like pushing a button - and in just three days our sales were skyrocketing."
- Ella Prince
  Co-Founder, Plants in a Box

What started as a family-run garden operation quickly grew into a wide-scale plant nursery that would colorfully adorn thousands of households and gardens across Australia.

Part of the Plants in a Box's success can be credited to the teams intuitive understanding that - for aspiring gardeners - plants can be scary. "Often, talking to gardeners can feel like you are speaking to a surgeon," laughs Co-Founder Ella. "People just want to put a plant in the ground. We know a big part of our business is arming them with the simple knowledge on how to do so."

With this in mind, Ella and the Plants in a Box team built their brand to be a friendly and approachable face that any gardener could trust as a first step to building their own paradise. The creative direction took hold, and before the team knew it, they were one of the largest online providers of live plants in Australia. With an established community of passionate gardeners in tow, the brand was ready to expand their audience.

"When we came across Shoelace, we loved the fact that they were focused not only on delivering results, but also telling a powerful story and educating an audience. This is so important to the way we do business."

With Plants in a Box's go-ahead, Shoelace Ad Expert Vickram dove into the fundamentals and prepared a strategic plan that leveraged the brand's powerful identity and Shoelace's learnings from working with thousands of brands. When it came time to flick the switch on, the results were evident almost immediately.

"Getting started felt like pressing a button," says Ella, "and three days later we were already seeing impressive results." In fact, new business came in so fast for Ella and the team at Plants in a Box that they were forced to reduce spend so that their supply could keep up with demand.

"Working with Shoelace feels like you never stop growing. The team is always finding new ways to show our brand in a unique light and works with us - not against us - to achieve our goals."

Weaving the technical strengths of Shoelace with the creative aptitudes of the Plants in a Box team

For Ella and the team at Plants in a Box, the relationship with Shoelace and their dedicated Account Strategist Vickram is so much more than just one of technical ad implementation. This became apparent when the brand started exploring new ways to connect with its audience and deliver content that was both informative and enriching.

"Shoelace's guidance was critical to our adoption of video for advertising. Vickram walked me through everything, from how Shoelace could leverage them in ads, to video length, to ideal dimensions. We are taking learnings from our work with Shoelace that will guide our ad direction for years to come."

In many ways, what Ella values most in her relationship with Shoelace is that it allows her to capitalize on her fierce natural instinct, arming her with powerful data to support her decisions and guide iterations on her work. "Shoelace allows me to take a more educated marketing approach, while minimizing the time I take time out of my packed schedule," says Ella. "I am able to do more, with less."

With so much accomplished in just a few short months, Ella is excited to discover what other avenues her relationship with Shoelace will take her to. With Shoelace supporting their powerful mission, one can only expect Plants in a Box to continue to bloom, much like the flora decorating the homes of their passionate audience.

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